Where To Play Pinball In The U.K

WhereTo Play Pinball in the UK

Getting out and playing pinball is what the hobby is all about. So I have been putting together a list of pinball heaven and pinball hell throughout the sites that offer pinball in the U.K. So if you are looking to find out where to play pinball in the UK, look no further. I have split this into two areas:

  • Sited Pinball in the UK– This is for sites that have one or maybe two games, but generally are operated not as pinball hangouts, so expect to go here and play one or two machines.
  • Places to Play Pinball in the UK – This will be a helicopter view of the places where pinball is available more widely, it will include a deeper look at the site, as well as extra information about the site and the current line-up.

Want to submit a Sited Pinball or Place to Play? Contact The UK Pinball Club.