Wrestlemania – Mumbles Pier Swansea

Location: Old Lifeboat Cottage, Mumbles Rd, The Mumbles, SA3 4EN
Pinball Table: Wrestlemania
Year: 2015
Manufacturer: Stern
Pricing: £1 a Game – 3 Games £2

With thanks to Clive Cooper for the submission.


To think, there is this much pinball all in Swansea. What with the review of Dirty Harry Pinball at Jack Murphy’s Swansea, as well as the Street Fighter 2 pinball at that The Bucket List Swansea. Swansea seems to be a small pinball hub. Of course, both machines have a different fate, how would this game at Mumbles Pier fare in comparison?

Wrestlemania - Mumbles Pier

Whilst the game seemed to be in good order, the playfield wasn’t completely dirty, it felt rather level and all seemed good from the get go. My previous experience with sited pins meant that in my mind, this was going well. Then, as my previous doubts and concerns came home to roost, it was all let down by a major problem. The upper playfield simply did not work. What an absolute disaster.

Annoyingly, if the upper playfield had been functioning I’d be at four out of five. This is, of course, allowing for lower expectations of a sited machine.

Unfortunately, as the upper playfield was completely out I can’t go much higher than one out of five, and that’s probably over-generous. Interesting to flip once, but no real chance to try and make proper progress through the game.

1 out of 5

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