Street fighter 2 – The Bucket LIst Swansea

Location: The Bucket List, 19 Wind St, Swansea SA1 1DY
Pinball Table: Street Fighter 2
Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Pricing: Freeplay


Away on work I pre-researched this place as seemingly the only place in Swansea that had a pinball machine, I headed down for a couple of beers (and after driving from Norwich to Swansea, you’d want some beers too) to have a couple of games and was very excited to see what I could find, the website said it had a pinball machine – so it must be something they were proud of… As I walked into the bar which was a strange mix of budget hipster craft beer against a backdrop of tacky American nostalgia, I was unnerved, but as I say… excited.

I asked downstairs if they had a machine and the staff weren’t all too knowledgeable on the games they had, with the brilliant comment of “Is that the flippy thing? Yeah we have one” – it turns out, yes… Yes it was that flippy thing (phew!). Once again, the game was switched off, what is it with Free Play games being switched off? From the moment the game switched on, I knew this was not going to end well, first of all, the GI was almost completely out, and this game was in a dark area anyway, the play-field just looked terrible. There was just enough light to try and inspect the pin and wow, just wow. This game was absolute filth. Plus the flippers, just look at those flippers, it is just sheer laziness and no respect for the game. As you can imagine, I didn’t hold out much hope.

The game fired up and actually played, which was a surprise, all mechs did work, although the flippers were weak, the and the left VUK drained straight to the middle, which was annoying as this shot is needed to advance the game. The VUK drain was, you guessed it, due to the game not setup to be level. I think you simply have to look at this pinball machine to see, it’s a wreck, is setting a game to Free Play the curse of not giving a hoot? I guess yes, it isn’t earning – so it’s an expensive gimmick so who cares right?


Another notch for the “this is why people think pinball is bad”count. It’s in that horrible bracket of just playable enough for people to get a game on it, but also so poorly and neglected that it might as well not be. I was really looking forward to playing this game, I think underneath there is actually a quality pin, with some nice rules – but this was such a heap it couldn’t demonstrate any of it’s quality.I wanted to drag this game down the stairs and out of the site myself, take it home, fix it up and actually play it… but the stairs was just too much for me to tackle after such a long drive.

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