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Retroids Arcade Bar, 2 New St, Worcester WR1 2DN

Retroids Pinball Machines Worcester

I have never made a habit of going to Worcester, in fact, I think that my visit which led me to Retroids may well have been my first. I mean, I was bought up in Cambridge. Went to university (both undergrad and masters) in Norwich. The family either hail from Wales or Scotland. So really, there has never been any need. Not even work has taken me here. Yet, after a four hour drive, here I was.

Unassuming from the outside, but packed on the inside.

Located on a side road, as you begin to head into the city, Retroids Arcade Bar is unassuming in its marketing from the outside. Of course, you get the impression of what Retroids is, but it isn’t until you venture into the doors it all makes sense.

Walking through the doors and you are greeted instantly by the pinball machines that, let’s be honest, if you are on this website, you are likely looking for. The current in this section line-up is Star Trek and Deadpool, both Pro versions of the machine, but both impeccably kept. I have been lucky enough to play a bit of Deadpool and spoilt really as it’s mainly been an LE. I have to say, the Pro is still excellent. Adding to this the fact its set up perfectly, makes the entire experience perfect.

Changing it up, keeping it clean.

Speaking to David, a video game enthusiast to start, this isn’t the long term line-up. David shares the view that many operators do, and rightly so. Games and line-ups should be changed regularly, as to keep the feeling fresh. David goes on to tell me how his love for pinball is growing. In fact, he probably spends more time on the pins now than the videos… we laugh at how there’s always room for one more pin. Although that mantra is probably leading him down having one at home, rather than squeezing another into the packed Retroids.

It’s that passion that comes across with David, and as we go on to talk about machine maintenance, it feels me with a sense of relief. These pins are in the hands of someone who wants to play them. Wants them to feel right. Wants them to work. So whilst the games may not be the same, I am confident they will be set up right.

More to offer.

More pinballs at Retroids Worcester

Whilst the pinballer in me is taken away by the new and flashy, Retroids has a total of five games. The others being World Cup Soccer, The Shadow and an EM called Super Star. The modern games are all £1 per play and 3 for £2. The EM, Super Star, is 50p per play. It’s great to hear that Super Star gets it share of plays. Maybe because it’s 50p, or maybe due to the awesome art. Heck, maybe for pure curiosity. Whatever the reason, it makes me happy.

Beer and Pinball.

What doesn’t go better with beer? Pizza on it’s own.. good. Pizza and beer… Amazing. A shower on its own… good. A shower and beer… Amazing. You see my point, so I don’t need to labour it, do I? Retroids has a good selection of canned beers behind the bar. After all, who amongst us now doesn’t like our beer with at least three types of hop and a flashy label? Of course, standard lager is available, if that is your thing too. Minority.

Oh, there’s arcade’s too.

So add beer and pinball, that’s great. Retroids goes one further with the arcades. There’s some classic sit down racers and upright cabs. Heck there’s even cocktails there too. I won’t let myself get into arcade machines, any spare inch I can find, I want to put a pin in. So in all honestly I didn’t spend too much time looking through what I am sure was a decent collection. Frogger was where my interest was cut short. Intentionally.

Retroids is a great little haven for the pin lover in all of us, and a positive reminder that some operators and sites exist where you can play a decent game of pinball. Sites like Brewdog Shephard’s Bush spring to mind, and that can only be good for pinball.

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  • This is a great place to play I wouldn’t have found without this recommendation, thank you! Last I went they have Star Trek / Deadpool / Jurassic Park / WCS & Lord of the Rings

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