No Good Gofers – Red Lodge Transport Cafe

Location: Red Lodge Transport Cafe, Red Lodge, IP28 8LB
Pinball Table: No Good Gofers
Year: 1997
Manufacturer: Williams
Pricing: Freeplay


I was travelling back after visiting some family and remembered that someone had said the Red Lodge Transport Cafe had a No Good Gofers sat in a room at the back, it wasn’t too far off the beaten track for me, which kinda makes sense for a transport cafe so I thought, well hey… why not?

After chatting with a very nice lady at the counter and buying myself a coffee, I spied the cabinet in through the back. It was switched off but the lady said it would be absolutely fine to turn it on, the game didn’t really get used in the day, but the owner was very attached to it, so it wasn’t going anywhere, and occasionally some of the truck drivers would play it in the evening.

I switched the game on and the old familiar BONG came through, the game notified me there were some tech issues to review, but of course, I wasn’t able to dive into those and find out what was going on. As the boot up sequence continued, I was optimistic. I had played this game a little previously and whilst the play-field needed a really good clean, and there was some harsh wear around the spinning bonus area, it looked okay for a game which is set to free-play on a site.

I hit the start button and boom, credit on the game, ball in the shooter lane and away we go, unfortunately – 30 seconds in the left flipper locked on. That was not going anywhere. It wasn’t an issue with the drive or pre-drive transistor as the lock stayed on after cutting the power, this was a mech issue. Oh how I wanted to take that lock bar off and give the playfield a shot of Novus, a good wax and resolve that mech issue. However, it wasn’t to be.


Not much really to say here, this game needs some love and is currently unplayable on site. There is a game in there that looks like it has been well cared for in the past, but no-one is enjoying it currently which is such a shame. I will try and pop in again in a month or so when visiting family again and see if I can update this review. Current rating 1 out of 5.

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