Places to Play Pinball – Brewdog Shepherds Bush London

Brewdog, 15 Goldhawk Rd, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 8QQ, UK

Brewdog Shepherds Bush

If you don’t know Brewdog, you need to get to one. Sure, it peddles the whole – we are a niche, which compared to the whole super brewers they are. But rest assured, Brewdog is a powerhouse in the brewing scene with bars up and down the U.K. Where do they excel, well I personally LOVE the beer. I have a case of Punk I.P.A in the garage at all times and it’s a great beer to share with friends. In fact, when I have friends over for pinball, generally there will be a few Brewdog beers hanging about. So the fact that they now are putting pinball machines on site. They are really talking my language.

Beer, Beer, Beer

Yep – there is lots of it and chances are you have already tried at least some of it. As I said before, their flagship beer, Punk I.P.A is available in all large supermarkets now and goes down a treat. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a raft of beers to choose from. They update their tap list fairly often, so if you are really that worried, you can check what beer is on at Shepherds Bush Brewdog right now, right here. It is in London, so expect London prices, but also expect darn good beer. Below is was the list on tap at the time of writing. Tasty.

Beer on tap at Shepherds Bush Brewdog July 2019
Pinball at Shepherds Bush Brewdog

Well, now on with the show. This is why you are here right? Looking for a place to play pinball in London. Shephers Bush Brewdog has an amazing lineup. They are modern games and they are priced at normal pricing too. That’s £1 a game, or 3 games for £2 in case you didn’t know.

The games in the current lineup at Brewdog Shepherds Bush are:

  • Star Trek (Pro)
  • Ghostbuster (Pro)
  • AC/DC (Premium)
  • Batman ’66
  • X-Men (Limited Edition)
Pinball at Brewdog Shepherds Bush

These games are clearly well looked after, I mean, who puts a colour DMD in just any game on site? There is also a top line-up sat right there. Having played these games, that is an X-Men LE in place of a Medieval Madness away from being an absolute dream line-up of games (Ok.. ok maybe Star Trek might be swapped out for an Iron Maiden, but we are splitting hairs.)

So what are you waiting for? If you want to play pinball in London, and you want to do it with great beer, this is the location for you. The only thing that is missing is great friends, and sorry, you will have to bring those yourself.


  • I went here casually and got a high score on the ac/dc. Great to be able to type your name in a machine on site. Food is alright too. They did have a big buck hunter not too long ago (maybe March) so clearly rotate before too long as well. All in great condition.

    I invited my friends, but they all wanted to ‘sit’ and ‘chat’ … no helping some people.

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