Ghostbusters – Waterfront Norwich

Location: The Waterfront, 139-141 King St, Norwich NR1 1QH
Pinball Table: Ghostbusters (Pro)
Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Stern
Pricing: 1 Game = £1, 3 Games = £2


Whilst out with some friends after a day of playing pinball I was shocked when one of them grabbed me to say “James, you have to come up here, they have a Pinball machine”. I had played really well all day, however the scores simply weren’t flowing; to be fair, it was around 22:00 in the Waterfront and as is only natural I may have had one too many to drink by this point. This is the Pro version, so doesn’t have the subway ramp to the right, nor the storage facility for the lock shots, not that that would bother me one bit, I mean come on, this is Ghostbusters!

The game is extremely clean, which, to be honest, doesn’t surprise me. The Waterfront is a “student” venue owned by the University of East Anglia, playing alternative music (Rock, Indie, etc.) and hosts live music which is mainly situated downstairs. The pin is located in the little used “VIP” room (no idea why it is called that, it’s never restricted access) and is mainly a “snug” area, not overly loud music, a small bar, seats and then this machine.

This game is notorious for tight shots and epic drains, on the games I played, I experienced them too. The game felt slightly off level which manifested in a cradle which didn’t sit back down correctly, just resting awkwardly on the tip of the flipper. The left bonus kick-out also drains straight down the middle, which is very very annoying, however the tilt on this game is extremely generous, so a little push in the right direction meant that it was save-able, if not just quite annoying.

Even though it is in the quieter area, the music is still quite loud, however they have turned the pin up to the right level to still be immersed in the experience, which is great, especially given the call-outs on this game are so good. So definitely a plus one on that one!


A great pin in a strange location, extremely clean but could do with a pro setup especially for such a notoriously high maintenance game. It’s definitely worth a play and a couple of pounds, but it does leave you with the feeling that if someone just took that extra bit of time to get it level, there would be a seriously great game there. All in all with location and setup leaving just a bit to be desired, it feels a bit of a strange one (in the neighbourhood).


Have you played this game on location? What are your views on how it is setup and where it is? Comment with your view below!

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