Ghostbusters (Pro) – Majestic Amusements Great Yarmouth

Location: Majestic Amusements, 47 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 2HF
Pinball Table: Ghostbusters (Pro)
Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Stern
Pricing: £1 a Game – 3 Games £2


This post rounds of my three pin review of Pinball Machines in Great Yarmouth – for the full Majestic experience please look at my review of Star Wars Pro Majestic Amusements or if you are just looking for Pinball Reviews in Great Yarmouth, have a look over my CSI Review – Gold Rush.

Another top title from Stern and one that one day I would simply love to have in my collection. Once again, the game was clean, tidy and well looked after. This review won’t differ from that of the Star Wars on the same site. The operator had clearly spent some time on keeping it clean (or maybe they were both new, I am not sure) – but bolting it down to the deck, just ruined it as a game.


If you need a pinball fix, this game will offer that, but honestly it feels a little poor. Ghostbusters is a game you need to move, with some potential straight down the middle action and the double in-lane action to deal with, it makes too much of a difference to give this any more than 3 out of 5. It’s pinballish in a pinch and so close to getting 5 out of 5, just put some legs on. However, no cigar.

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