Flash – Herbies Diner – Cambridge

Sited Stats:

Location: Herbies Diner, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB24 4RE
Pinball Table: Flash
Year: 1979
Manufacturer: Williams
Pricing: 50p a game

Flash Pinball Herbies Diner


To start off this review, I actually played this game at the East Anglian Pinball Show 2019, where it was one of the games in the competition. So whilst I haven’t managed to review this on site, I have played the game to some good extent.

The game is looked after, and was also restored to his usual level, by Mark Squires, so this game will be in good condition and levelled. You won’t need to worry about broken mechs, a terrible playfield, or any of the usual if’s and buts of sited pinball. Which is always a welcomed benefit with pinball machines on sites.

As a game, it is on a certain age, made in 1979 and that is reflected in the price to play, at just 50p a game, that’s incredible value, especially when considering the condition of the game. I found the game to be fun, yet demanding with some good sounds. If you take a look at Herbies Diner in Cambridge you will see that the game sits perfectly in with the style of the venue. Pure Americana and nostalgia – very fitting.


A well maintained, restored and good fun game at a very small cost for a machine on site. There’s not a lot to not love, so for me, very simple. If you are passing by, or fancy a bit to eat, this place looks to be a great place to go. 5 out of 5.

5 Pinballs Out of 5

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