Dirty Harry – Jack Murphys Swansea

Location: Jack Murphys, 20-21 Wind St, Swansea SA1 1DY
Pinball Table: Dirty Harry
Year: 1995
Manufacturer: Williams
Pricing: £1 a Game – 3 Games £2


After a terrible pinball experience in the Bucket List – Swansea – I wasn’t hopeful that Swansea had any pinball for me to enjoy. I was annoyed and decided before heading back to the hotel defeated, that I would head next door and have a beer in what looked like a nice normal (ish) pub compared to the place I was in, which was more craft beer than classic pint. I had a few gulps before deciding I should explore around the corner and try and grab a seat. As I walked around the corner, to my delight, stood a Dirty Harry – not only was I incredibly shocked, I was also incredibly confident this was going to play well. A colourDMD in a sited game? This was going to be good.

Dirty Harry doesn’t seem to get a lot of love as a machine, but I really enjoy it. It is quick to pick up – I personally haven’t spent a huge amount of time on it, but it’s mode based play and the layout spells out what to do next. If pinball is shoot the flashing light, then Dirty Harry executes it’s objective well.

The game felt really nice, the shots flowed well, it had clearly been maintained well by someone who knows what they are doing and it made it so much more enjoyable. A couple of locals noticed me playing and we had a few games together and then a couple of drinks together, that, right there, is all that is good about pinball. This reinforced what most of us know to be true in the hobby, pinball still has great legs to newcomers, but not if operators keep putting trash into the market. If I had to be hyper-critical, the game felt slightly off-level, but that might have been the beer talking.


I was thoroughly impressed with the game setup at Jack Murphys and the operator should be proud of how well maintained the game, I hope that it is making good money for them on the site, I know I put at least £5 into it whilst there. I recommend if you are ever in the area, to drop in and give the game a play, the pub had real atmosphere and those that drank there were a good laugh. Top operator.

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