CSI – Gold Rush Great Yarmouth

Location: Gold Rush, 35 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 2EN
Pinball Table: CSI – Crime Scene Investigation
Year: 2008
Manufacturer: Stern
Pricing: 50p a Game – 3 Games £1


After a strange experience of pinball at Majestic Amusements – surely the sea front of Great Yarmouth had more to offer than the mind numbing plethora of redemption machines, £5 Jackpot gamblers and pushers of all varieties; standard 2p, the niche 5p and of course high roller 10p. This is the thing that always gets me about arcades, surely there must be space for more pins, especially in a space where nothing visually compares to a pinball machine, wouldn’t simply having something a bit different actually make it a good earner? Hey, what do I know? Because for a while the answer seemed to be a flat, fat NO! As I snaked in and out of the arcades moving further and further up the boulevard, my optimism fading, I stumbled across Gold Rush and within it, nestled on the far left wall I spied this CSI machine, BINGO!

Stepping up to the machine, the first and most obvious thing to me was the sheer amount of filth on the play-field, I hadn’t ever seen a pinball machine with such dirt and grime on its surface until this point, after all as a collector you set aside a good amount of time to ensure that your machine gets a loving clean and wax when needed. I think it is testament to just how dirty this game was that it wasn’t until moments later I noticed the left flipper didn’t even have a rubber band on it. I wasn’t going to let this beat me, after all, the operator wasn’t going to either, so I coined up the game and began to play.

Interestingly the game seemed to play quite well, it wasn’t anything overly special, mainly I think I was worried when trying to use the left flipper I was going to damage the game, so that was on my mind, but all of the toys seemed to work well. I managed over three games to hit all three of the multiballs listed out – namely Skull, Centrifuge and Microscope, all again just good fun if nothing impressive. The Skull lock was a nice toy and some of the shots were challenging but fun to hit. The game actually felt quite well levelled, but just so shockingly maintained, under all the crud and dirt and clear neglect, once more, a game that has potential to be rescued and turned into a good player machine. I am not sure if the battery was dead on this game – as the high score I put in feels really low, luckily for the operator the Stern S.A.M system uses a newer battery type battery for high scores and settings, and is much less likely to leak and corrode the boards, although not unheard of. (especially if wet).


Another weird one from my Pinball hunting trip to Great Yarmouth, this machine wasn’t setup terribly, but it was just so neglected it was frustrating as it didn’t really need much to make it a great operated game. A quick shot over with some Novus, a wax and some new rubbers and it would have been easily a 4 or 5 out of 5. Alas, in it’s current state of playable if uninspired, it has to command a score more middle of the road than The Beautiful South – 3 out of 5 with a side of annoyance at how simple it would be to get it operable.

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