ACDC (Pro) – Mojo Bar – Chelmsford

Sited Stats:

Location: Mojo Bar, Anne Knight Building, Victoria Rd, Chelmsford CM1 1LN
Pinball Table: ACDC Pro
Year: 1999
Manufacturer: Stern
Pricing: £1 a game – 3 games for £2


Located at the Mojo Bar in Chelmsford ACDC is a pinball players pinball machine, its a top drawer game. In fact just today I was messaging a friend trying to tap him up for his, I want one in my collection. A Steve Richie design and Lyman Sheats Jr. on the code. Come on.

So when it comes to sited machines, you get the good sited machines, the bad sited machines and the ugly sited machines (I mean screwed to a step? come on!). This machine is just setup poorly, placing it firmly in the bad section.

We have the usual non-working switches and mechanical issues, such as the right flipper which sticks in position and doesn’t mechanically return until a ball travelling at pace hits it. Further to that, the games levelling is designed to munch your money. I can just imagine someone saying “you know this pitch doesn’t really do it for me, in terms of short game times, take a flipper away too… that’ll teach them.”

ACDC Mojo Chelmsford Spirit Level


Great game, sited poorly. 2 out of 5. Such a shame as this could be a game that makes people love pinball once more. Just another frustration to add to the list.

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