Selling a pinball Machine

Looking to sell your pinball machine? Got something that’s been sat there for a while and never gets played? I have a small private collection and am always looking to add to it. You can Contact Me today. Or for more information, please read on, for advice about selling a pinball machine.

Things to consider when selling a pinball machine.

When selling a pinball machine there are some things to consider. Primarily, of course, is condition. Condition can affect a machines value by reducing a games value by over half and sometimes even more. Key areas any collector will want to understand are:

  • Is it operational. Simple one to know from a booting up perspective, but a pinball machine is full of mechs. Does the kickback work. Does the spinner register. To get a true value, be honest about the condition, as when the machine is collected a good buyer will test all of the machine out first.
  • What is the playfield like? The playfield is, for me, the most important aspect of a pinball machine. Having a bad playfield, one that is worn or scuffed in places, will significantly reduce the value of the game.
  • Has it been serviced? Cleaning a playfield. Changing rubbers. New bulbs. All can be done by the new owner, but there is a time associated with that. Expect that to be taken into account if it isn’t done.
  • How will it be collected? When buying a game, I will personally come and collect, take off the legs and get it out of the house. Remember, moving one of these is a big old job, it takes some equipment (generally a sack barrow and some muscle). When selling, consider the effort of getting the machine where it needs to be, if your buyer isn’t dismantling.
Scared Stiff Pinball With Colour DMD

Selling Solid State and DMD Pinball Machines

To be honest, solid state and DMD games are far more collectible than Electro-Mechaical games. The reason I think this is the case, quite simply. Is that the space taken up by each machine, a collector will want the most enjoyable game in that spot. Unfortunately, compared to solid state and DMD pinball machines. EM’s just don’t have the draw, the ruleset, or the shot variety. Selling solid state and DMD games is much easier.

Selling an Electro Mechanical (EM) Pinball

Selling an EM machine is much harder. Due to the reasons outlined above. If you are looking to sell an EM game, please get in touch as I could put the word out to some EM collectors that a machine is available. However, I do not personally buy EM games. I just don’t find them very fun to be honest.