Scared Stiff – Playfield Deconstruction

As I knew, this game had previously been sited, so would need a darn good clean. Stripping a playfield back is a really satisfying job, because a pinball playfield will naturally get dirty. The rubber will wear creating a black dust, as well as grime from the environment and mechanical items moving creating more dirt. As a game is (or should be) waxed, the wax will pick this up and create ball lines on well travelled areas as well as an overall layer of dirt over the game. I wanted to replace the incandescent lights in this game with LED’s also, so a total tear down of the topside of the playfield was required.

Removing each piece of the playfield requires attention to detail, always take lots of pictures when doing it as you will ned to put the game back together. Above you can see just how much filth is all over the playfield. Handy parts to have on hand for this job are spare posts as invariably somewhere along the way some of them will be smashed and cracked. To clean the playfield once stripped, I personally use Novus 2 for the playfield and Novus 1 on the plastics. Above you can see the sheer amount of dirt on the playfield, although this can be masked on the playfield, you can see the accumulation picking up on my hand.

Removing the ramps on this game is a lot of work and again requires you to take a lot of pictures, to get it back together correctly. Above was the playfield with the ramps removed. Remember those star posts I was talking about, below are some of the posts removed from this Scared Stiff machine.

Next time, I will change the battery pack for an NVRAM chip and go through my new parts received for the game.

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