Scared Stiff – Introduction

Where can you start with a game like Scared Stiff, wow, incredible callouts, lovely shots that just feel great to nail and a simple to follow code that when it culminates in a Monster Multiball – feels great for the player.

This pinball machine was not in bad shape when I got it. It had been sited, as all but an incredibly small percentage have been of course, especially for games of this age where Home Use Only (HUO) wasn’t as big as it certainly is today.

It had, of course given this, a few issues that needed to be resolved but was overall in a good playable condition. The boney flippers were missing, a couple of ball guides would need to be replaced with the correct ones, the incandescent lights were out here and there and would need resolving, I think LED’s would be the flavour of choice in this game. A few plastics would need replacing, a full strip down and clean along with a fresh coat of wax, new crate decals, out-hole protectors, a colour DMD and NVRAM were all on the list.

All posts of can be found by following the link to this Scared Stiff Pinball Project – “Unpleasant Dreams”

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