Installing 6264 NVRAM In A System 11 Pinball – Earthshaker

I have previously discussed the benefits on installing NVRAM instead of having batteries on your pinball machine board. So installing NVRAM on my Earthshaker project simply had to be done. The U.K. supplier that I use and trust supplies the 6264 variant of the NVRAM chip. This is due to the fact it is both compatible with the WPC system and System 11B and 11C, however requires on-board modifications. Below I will walk through installing a 6264 NVRAM in a System 11 pinball machine.

6264 RAM

To install the 6264 RAM in a system 11 pinball machine, you need to adjust two jumpers. These being W5 to W6 and W19 to W18. It might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. I walk through how to do it below.

Tools I Use

For this job I use the following tools:

  • Desolder Station
  • IC Puller
  • Soldering Iron

Remember, there are some delicate traces under the chips. If you aren’t happy or competent in desoldering. I would let someone else take this job on for you.

Removing the Battery Pack

You don’t have to remove the battery back to allow the NVRAM to work. But it does look a lot better if you take the extra 3 -5 minutes to do so. I use the desoldering station to remove the bulk of the solder over the battery back. Then take the soldering iron and simply press out the pack one pin at a time. There are only 6 pins, so it is a nice and easy job to do.

Location of Installation

The 6264 NVRAM needs to be installed in U25 on the board, this is near two game ROMS. I have taken a picture of my NVRAM installed in Earthshaker below, to help you locate it.

Installing NVRAM into U25 - System 11

Whenever installing any new chips onto a circuit board, it is good practice to socket the chips location, in case you should need to change it again. The NVRAM i bought came with a socket, which makes alignment a lot easier than SIP sockets.

All chips you install will have a semi-circle on one side of the chips. It will also be printed on the board. Ensure when placing the chip into its socket. It is the correct way round.

Changing Jumpers to Accommodate 6264 in System 11

There are two jumpers that need to be adjusted to install 6264 NVRAM in a system 11 game. The first of the two is under the U25 chip itself. Williams already put unrated resistors in the boards as jumpers. In this case it is jumping over W5. I simply reuse this and move it over to W6. I desolder the four holes associated with the W5 and W6 jumper location, moving the jumper from W5 to W6 as above and solder it into position.

The second location is under U23, simply follow the same process. Desolder the jumper W19, along with the two associated holes for W18 and move the jumper over.

Setting the Game to Freeplay

Once installed and the game back up and running, I put the game back to Freeplay. A big thank you to The Pinball Company for their video, which I used to show me how to do mine… again.

Whilst installing 6264 NVRAM in a System 11 game isn’t as straight forward as installing a 6116 NVRAM, the 6264 variant is more widely available. If you are already working on the board, following these instructions won’t take too much longer to have it up and running. Without the fear of battery leakage of course.

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