Earthshaker – Introduction

Earthshaker Pinball Backglass

I picked up this Earthshaker Pinball machine today and it seems like a good project, with lots of work to do. You can see a gallery of the images taken today right here. Mfresh – who posts on this website in the comments section, it is because of playing this at yours this game is currently here, I was considering passing this up, however, after playing at yours I couldn’t turn it down.

The cabinet overall seems to be in fair shape, and whilst I haven’t got any pictures of it on here just yet, the backglass also seems in good shape with an amazing mirror effect. The artwork on this game is straight up, 80’s goodness. Unfortunately (or fortunately – for the sake of this website) – there is a lot to do.

  • The inserts will need redoing as they are coming away, this is pretty standard practice for most system 11 games, such as Earthshaker, so that is no surprise.
  • Mylar removal on a System 11 game, gulp.
  • There is some inserts lifting, so once the playfield is stripped, they will need looking over and levelling.
  • The playfield is crazing somewhat, I cannot decide if it is best to have it shot over with clear after cleaning or going with a magic eraser first, then shooting with clear (your local car repair shop will clear a playfield for you, if you speak to them about it properly).
  • Full clean down – plastics etc.
  • LED Game
  • New Rubbers
  • New Star Posts
  • Head is currently disconnected, there will undoubtedly be some sort of board work to do.
  • Mechs going over, checking and any repairs doing, I will be doing a flipper rebuild on this.
  • General troubleshooting and setting up.

The eagle eyed will notice that this game has the sinking institute on it. So the story goes, the sinking institute was part of the original production of Earthshakers, but due to costs, after the first 200 games, this was cut. I believe this to be an original – not a modification that can be bought aftermarket, so that is pretty cool.

Sinking Institute - Earthshaker Pinball

Stay tuned for the journey on this one, it will be a good player once done I am sure. Of course I will fire this up in the next few days as we start to go through this game.

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