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Making a storm in the U.K pinball mod scene, is one of our own – Colin Chapman of Colin’s Pinball Plastic Protector sets have been available for just a few weeks, and already boast an impressive library of titles covered. With a choice of colours available and a super fast turn around and a cracking price to boot. I didn’t hesitate in placing my order. The game of choice? My The Walking Dead Pinball Machine and boy am i glad I chose this one.

The Pinball Plastic Protectors – Packaging

The plastic protectors arrived perfectly packaged, in a signed for jiffy bag that was more than adequate for the plastics that came inside. I opted for the red plastic protectors for The Walking Dead, as quite simply, it was the only option in my mind for this title. The pinball plastic protectors come covered in a protective film, giving it an added layer of protection in transit. I was very excited when they arrived to get them on my game, as straight away you could tell the quality.

Col's Pinball Plastic Protectors with protective packaging

Alignment and Feel

The feel of the pinball plastic protectors was very reassuring straight off the bat. You can tell that these are a robust plastic, that is going to do the job. After all, the whole point of these protectors on the outset is to stop the artwork of your games plastic getting damaged. You are confident straight away with these that’s going to be the case. Very reassuring. Of course, before taking the effort to put them on the game, I wanted to ensure that they had a great alignment. I lined the plastics up on the sideboard, and sure enough they came up perfectly.

What I really like about the way that the plastics are made, is the lip. It’s obvious that the plastic has to have some overhang. That is where the protection against a ball smashing up your plastics comes from. With these protectors though, they look like a great addition to the theme. In the case of The Walking Dead, the blood red overhang on the plastics looks simply amazing.

Alignment of the Pinball Plastic Protectors


The installation of the Plastic Protectors is so very simple. Can you use a screwdriver? Can you use a socket set to undo a nut? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions. Then you can install a set of Col’s Mods Pinball Plastic Protectors. If you can only use one, then the other is just the same with a different end on. Through the power of video, you can see the installation of these pinball plastic protectors on my game. What a world!


As I said before, this mod is a two way thing. Firstly, this is going to protect your game plastics from getting smashed to pieces. Always a bonus when considering how much new ones would cost. Secondly, and more importantly for me, they look amazing.

TWD with Pinball Plastic Protectors installed.

Colin is currently available through the UK’s Dedicated Pinball Forum – Pinballinfo and I strongly suggest you head on over and catch him for a set, these really are incredible. His username is Colywobbles – there’s no accounting for taste hey. At the price of these (£20 a set – including postage), I don’t think you can find a higher quality and cheaper pinball mod. Not in this hobby. A serious no brainer for me. 5 out of 5. If you have a set of Col’s Mods Pinball Plastic Protectors, please post your thoughts below.

5 Pinballs Out of 5

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