How Pinball Survived Video Games, the Mob and Politics

These things are amazing pieces of engineering… history… and art.

Michael Schiess – Pacific Pinball Annex

This short video dives into a brief history pinball, shot against a backdrop 1700 strong collection of pinball machines held at The Pacific Pinball Annex. A very short video at just 08:54, it offers a greatbitesize pinball fix. The pacing of the short is very good, with its snappy content and fast paced cuts mixed in with the as usual stunning visuals pinball has to offer.With a clear story to a brief history of pinball machine there is some very good narration used to great effect to tie the whole video together. Schiess himself comes across really well in this video, clearly a very knowledgable guy he has an engaging manner, clearly stemming from his passion for pinball, and this infectious devotion to the hobby makes this a very easy going and watchable short. I highly recommend clicking that play button and giving it a look.

There were a couple of parts of the video specifically that made me laugh.

Michael talks about how he wouldn’t want to subject his wife to a bunch of pinball enthusiasts coming over on a Friday and Saturday night, citing it as the reason to set up the Pacific Pinball Annex. This made grin a wry smile thinking of the U.K. league meets where some of the U.K’s best collections are opened up to a horde of sometimes smelly men and usually less smelly women of the pinball community – unfortunately we cannot all set up something as incredible as Schiess has here, and it is the generosity of so many in the U.K. that means most of us get to play some incredibly well maintained and varied games. I wonder how many of them feel about subjecting their wives to such torture though.

I have a problem, but it wasn’t a problem I wanted to cure.

Michael Schiess – Pacific Pinball Annex

This quote resonates with me so much, pinball is, as some of my friends say, a ‘problem’ – I mean these are some pretty large and expensive toys to keep in a home environment. It seems, for me, there is a constant revolving door of games coming in and occasionally, going out to make way for more at my house. There are worse vice’s to have in life and pinball isn’t a problem that I want to cure either.

Did you watch this video? What did you think? Would you recommend it for others?

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