UK NVRAM Supplier

UK NVRAM Supplier

To outline to begin with – this is not a paid advertisement – I have no affiliation with the supplier and I have to buy my NVRAM for pinball machines just like everyone else has to – however, I have found a solid supplier of NVRAM that is available for the U.K. and as outlined in this discussion around the use of NVRAM in pinball machines – I am a big fan of them. I can only speak as I find, and for me the NVRAM has performed perfectly – hence me buying some more.

The UK based NVRAM supplier – is currently offering NVRAM for the following board sets:

  • Data East
  • Sega Whitestar
  • Stern Whitestar
  • Williams 11B
  • Williams 11C
  • Williams WPC (all variants)

Priced at £14.95 with free delivery – this really is a great little device to put your mind at ease. I had been pestering the supplier on availability for my Earthshaker Pinball Project – and now they are back in stock (mine is currently ordered and on it’s way) – I will be installing once it arrives and will update the website accordingly.

If you have installed one of these NVRAM’s and would like to drop a comment or images of your install below, please do let the wider community know your thoughts with the comments section below.

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