Thoughts on The TWIP Exclusive Look At RAZA

In an exclusive interview with John Popadiuk, amongst others, This Week In Pinball have revealed details and images about the upcoming deeproot game Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland. deeproot have stressed that this is still a prototype game and that the art package is subject to change, but that doesn’t stop us looking over the design and the layout, which looks very interesting.

Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland Cabinet

What’s On The Playfield

In the article from TWIP, John Popadiuk confirmed that the game will be loaded with features.

JPOP: For sure. The game has stuff in each section of the game. Working around we have a double level “spook house” kickback on the left….something new, a rotating duck gallery target bank, double spinners, the “dizzy” which is like a floating TOTAN lamp, big zombie roller coaster ramps, an underground “xenon gas” tube area for ball locks, motor cycle jump device, new magna diverters and magna save and of course the classic swinging target from the 1960s you can bash, rollover buttons and the “atomic shop” to start modes and multi balls. Lots of other small items. The Ferris wheel is there too and shuttles the ball forward to the left “atomic” lane.

RAZA Playfield One
RAZA Playfield Full

Views on the RAZA Playfield and Cabinet

Ok. I have to say this looks really good. Of course a playfield designed by JPOP is going to pay homage to his previous work, or certainly be in line with it. This feels very WPC era in its design, again no surprise there and in my opinion is most closely aligned to Cirquis Voltaire than any other JPOP game.

I can count eight shots left to right on the fan layout, but the ramps of course look interesting. What really strikes me is the display, a hybrid of the CGC widescreen and fully loaded LCD of most modern games. I wonder if this is due to the target pricing on the game.

On Pricing

TWIP also sat down with Robert Mueller and asked on pricing and how that would sit into the market.

RM: As I stated in a recent pinball podcast, value is my (and our) primary goal and mission. Value in pricing is not only the NIB cost, but other hidden costs like distributor commissions, shipping, upgrades, mods, maintenance, and resale value. deeproot will not only fundamentally change pricing in the pinball industry, but will humble the competition by being the go-to manufacturer for value. Our goal is to give pinball consumers and enthusiasts the best bang for the buck. They finally deserve an option where they can consistently say: “I just landed the latest deeproot pinball machine for my collection and I didn’t get ripped off in the process”. We also think deeproot value will help keep resale prices closer to (or higher than) NIB prices over an extended period of time.

What Does That Mean?

To me, it is clear that deeproot still want to get the pricing of a machine into the realms of reasonable for the average person to experience the NIB feeling. A Jurassic Park here in the U.K is going to set you back £6.7k – which I am sure represents a good level of value, but personally I can play in the £5k region. That’s a big jump that makes NIB impossible for me to achieve. deeproot won’t commit to pricing, as you can read, but is it possible for them to hit that £4k – £5k mark that I think makes NIB and mass market pinball possible in the U.K? Time will tell. Let’s not forget, when we reached out to deeproot, they had no international distribution plans at the time. Right now, in regards to pricing, we have our wants, but no real news.

When Will We Get More Info?

So there were further details on when we will hopefully get this information, Robert confirmed that there will be a launch in March of next year.

RM: Yes. deeproot Pinball will launch in the deeproot Auditorium at the San Antonio Headquarters on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 8:55am. Schedule of events, media passes, travel vouchers, lodging, and VIP’s to be announced in due time.

I haven’t yet had my email with my travel voucher, media pass or lodging details, but I am sure Robert will find his way to contact me shortly.

What Are Your Thoughts

Well, I have to say I am glad we have something, this looks promising from deeproot and it seems something is finally beginning to happen for the end user. Not to say that there is no hard work from behind the scenes, but now the veil is being lifted, it is exciting times. Let us know your thoughts, will deeproot deliver that pricing and innovation breaking product we have all been wanting?

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