The Catch Up Post July 2019 – What’s Been Going On?

July 2019 - UK Pinball Club

Pinball as a game, and as a community on the whole is moving with such pace. With games, code and updates coming in from Spooky, JJP, Stern, deeproot pinball and Suncoast Pinball in the past few weeks, as well as a plethora of rumours and other news, it’s been quite a mission just to keep up. Well don’t worry, I have your back. The focus of the The U.K. Pinball Club has been, rightly so, the upcoming UK Pinball Open – with stories on being featured on:

That’s a lot of coverage, but it is a big deal in the UK. So deservedly so. So here is an update on what’s been going on in the world of pinball in the meantime.

Scott Danesi Hints (all but confirms) at New Total Nuclear Annihilation Code

Given that the last code update was v.1.3.0 and featured a host of bug fixes. A post such as the one below, doesn’t leave much mystery to what he could be talking about.

Scott Danesi Outlines 1.4.0 TNA Code

Total Nuclear Annihilation (TNA) is a simply fantastic game. Excellent for tournament play with the lock stealing and general fast paced style of the game. The game is incredibly solid as it is, so I would only be expecting more polish on the game, and nothing groundbreaking in terms of rules. I personally don’t think it needs it.

Domino Arcade Launch Disco Maiden

Disco Maiden from Domino Arcade

Twitch streamer, tournament director and owner of Domino Arcade Neil McRae has reaffirmed his terrible choice of music by completely destroying Iron Maiden. Neil has worked to replace the music with some very questionable disco music. You can see the stream on Disco Maiden here. Neil has also stated that should anyone want a copy of the code, he can make it available. You can contact me and I will put you in touch with him if interested, lord knows why you would be. What an abomination.

New Guns ‘N’ Roses Pinball – JJP?

A news story which was dropped by GNR Central confirms that a new Guns and Roses pinball is in the making. To save yourself the thirteen adverts that adorn the page. Here is the long and short of the story.

His tone gets excited when talking about a forthcoming GNR pinball machine (“nothing has ever come out like it”) …All we know so far is that it is scheduled to possibly come out in December and it is still in the early stages.

GNR Central – July 11th 2019
Guns and Roses Pinball

The rumours have been flying for some time that JJP have the licence for this game. Remember, this isn’t the first time that Guns and Roses have had a pinball machine. Data East manufactured 3,000 units of the game in 1994, with Joe Kaminkow (Batman ’66), John Borg (The Walking Dead), Lyman Sheats Jnr. (The Walking Dead) and Slash all being credited with working on the game.

The debate has been flying, with the major talking points being as to what era of Guns ‘N’ Roses we would be treated to. As Pinballinfo forum member @Stumblor so delicately puts it, his money is on GnR  2019 – otherwise known as Fat Axl, Slash, and the guys who aint Slash.” An era that will clearly disappoint most, including @Mark9 “Hopefully based on the older stuff, cos let’s face it Chinese Democracy was rubbish.”

I have to say, I am in the same boat here. I grew up listening to the Use Your Illusion albums, and that for me is classic GNR. Since then, I haven’t really paid the band much mind. That’s not to say they aren’t putting out great music, but to me it has limited appeal.

The other area that concerns me is that it’ll be a JJP game. Meaning that whilst there will be toys. It’ll probably be well out of my price range, if they absolutely nail the theme in terms of music choices, artwork etc., layout and code, I will want REALLY need this game. I haven’t spent huge amounts of time with JJP’s games, but always personally found the code and the lights to be slightly off for my tastes. I welcome comments to the contrary below.

Wonka, Wonka, Wonka Streams

Speaking of JJP, their latest game Willy Wonka is now shipping in the USA. You can purchase your own version in the U.K. which will be shipping soon from Pinball Heaven. Although back to that price point, you’ll be dropping at least £7.5k here in the U.K. for a standard edition. Moving up to £12.5k for the collectors edition. You can buy a lot of chocolate for £12.5k! Maybe even a very (very very very) small chocolate factory?

There has been a lot of streams coming out over the past week or so, so if you want to see Willy Wonka in action, my two picks are as follows. Images are clicky.

Dead Flip – Willy Wonka Deep Dive

Dead Flip Willy Wonka Deep Dive
PAPA TV Live! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

PAPA TV Live! WIlly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

NERG Goes Down A Treat

Pictures of the North East Retro Gaming show have emerged courtesy of Colin Chapman at Col’s Pinball Mods. As you can see there were lots of pins available – all on free play (apart from the games used in the pay to enter for charity tournament). Whilst the show has now passed, you can see the scale and quality of pins on offer, so if that is something local to you, or an event you would like to support. Make sure you book in the diary for next year.

Stern of the Union Update

Stern of the Union Update

This months Stern of the union address for July 2019, doesn’t really have much to offer, especially for the UK market. The major point of interest being a video from Scott Ian who discussed the guitar work he did in Black Knight Sword of Rage. At 2:08 – it isn’t really a long watch, but a good fun video. Worth a little look.

Game of Thrones New Code

New Game of Thrones Code

Jack Danger of Deadflip will be streaming the new code for Game of Thrones, with some saying that this isn’t solely due to the fact that there is a new direction to take the game because the story has come to it’s conclusion on Sky Atlantic (or HBO if you are reading from the USA… Hi!)

Spoiler Alert: A lot of people die.

Rumours are rife that in fact, there is in fact a Vault edition of the game soon to be released, with numbers rumoured to be around 100 coming out. This makes complete sense, as code costs money to invest in. So I doubt very much that this is purely about completing the game based on the fact that the TV series has finished. This did happen with The Walking Dead, however… hasn’t yet happened with Ghostbusters. So who knows.

Suncoast Pinball’s Cosmic Carnival Available for Sale

In a post on Pinside Suncoast Pinball and Arcade have updated that Cosmic Carnival is now in production and shipping. Currently, I cannot find any distributor for the U.K. so whether any actually make it here, is yet to be seen. I have “reached out” to Jon at Suncoast Pinball, I will update when I get a reply.

In the meantime, this is the update from Suncoast discussed.

Cosmic Carnival #1 has made it to it’s new home safe and sound. Thanks to the MOD couple for sharing the pics and feedback. We are training new people weekly to help get production moving quicker. It takes time to make sure everyone is properly trained so please bear with us as we make sure all Cosmic Carnival machines are built to exacting standards. We hope to be up to 5 machines per week within the next 2 weeks and 10 machine per week within the next 4 weeks. Demand has exceeded expectations so a big thank you to all the people who are making Cosmic Carnival a success. 

The next 4 machines are on the line and we are working hard to make sure they are out by next week. 

Suncoast, Pinside

With the game priced at $5,995, it’s around the same price as a Stern Pro. I found a Black Knight Sword of Rage sat brand new at $5,795, although this was reduced from $5,995. For a boutique pinball, that is a good price.

So there you have it, you should all be caught up on what’s been going on this July. Please comment if I have missed anything and thanks for stopping by at the UK Pinball Club once again.

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