The 2019 UK Open Game List And How to Play Them (ish)

As a spiritual follow up to my recent post on how to fake it to look like a pro at pinball tournaments, this short piece will look at the games currently released for the upcoming UK Open pinball competition and give a quick rundown on how to play them and score at least some points. Now excuse me whilst I go all David Brent over here, but this is a quick and dirty (some would say filthy… not me though) rules breakdown. They might not be the best tournament strategy. They may not be the easiest shots. They will however score points and if you are like me have no idea how to play a lot of games out there. At least play some games to some degree.


To help out @PBrookfield (PB) of Pinballinfo has added his thoughts to how to succeed at a couple of the games also.

David Brent Pinball Tips

The reason I put “If it’s in you, I’ll find it” is, if I waste good time and money looking for it, and see it’s definitely not in you, I don’t wanna be sued ‘cos you haven’t got it, so, you know, not gonna get me on that.

David Brent

A huge thank you has to go to Pavlov Pinball and the excellent 5 second game guides, as well as the masterful PAPA pinball rule sheets.

So here we go, on with the countdown.


Sparky all day – straight off the bat, centre shots just like scared stiff. Get a multiball going.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Start off with Quills Quest a two ball multiball with a good ball save to get a feel for the game. Then go for Groot multiball, by shooting groot. I can imagine this will have virtual locks, so might be a bit faster than normal.

The Shadow

Shoot all four ramps (2 ramps with each one directed each way) to start Vengeance. Complete Ramps again for Super Vengeance. Light K H A N inlanes off the back of this for KHAN multiball.

Dialed In – JJP

Charge the phone by hitting the QED shot – then into the phone scoop to start a mode. Lock first ball on Crazy Bob shot and then ramps to enter multiball.

Total Nuclear Annihilation

Shoot the keypad to unlock reactor, shoot scoop to open reactor. Shoot into reactor to set to critical. Shoot lit shot to destroy reactor.

PB – Sweat more, move more. Be more aware of your inlane/outlane lamps than you ever have been on a game before.

Iron Man

Shoot ramps to qualify bogey, shoot whiplash to all but start. Start bogey by shooting last ramp shot. Start whiplash multiball. Shoot ramps for days.

Iron Maiden

Light Eddie by alternating ramp shots (or for tighter control), shoot the underworld to start mode. Drop bank of targets to light qualify locks. Start multiball by hitting left inner loop.


Shoot ramps to start jam multiball, keep on shooting ramps.

Dirty Harry

Choose ramp shot, hit right ramp and into HQ to start mode.

Attack From Mars

If there is a ball save, hold the left flipper for super skill shot and shoot the visor as that will lower it instantly. Shoot the lock shot, lock three balls and play multiball. (Pavlov Pinball)

Medieval Madness

Shoot the castle, but be prepared to save it, its big points but a risk.

Cirquis Voltaire

Triple stack is the way to go. Depending on the settings it’s six shots up the centre ramp for Strike an Arc, and you lock the balls for Highwire. Get one of the ringmasters up, and have three shots left for Strike an Arc, and your three locks lit for Highwire. Then shoot the ramp three times and complete the ringmaster for the triple stack. (Pavlov Pinball)

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Shoot up the centre shot, over and over and over and over. Then some more.

TD Neil McRae has confirmed the bugfix ROM will be in use for this tournament.

Twilight Zone

No idea.

PB – Ideal scoring situations are multiball jackpots, or being in multiball when Greed, Clock Chaos or Clock Millions are active – and of course Lost in the Zone which is not unreasonable to see with this strategy and if you can reliably trap the ball on the right flipper from the slot machine kickout.

Use the two ramps all day, as they allow you to constantly safely trigger modes and they set up the gumball machine (and therefore powerball + mania multi.) The game is all about staying safe with your shots and maximizing your safe feeds. Left ramp is a feed to the left flipper, which itself is the ideal place to make the shot for the right ramp, which either gets you onto the mini playfield if qualified (which also starts a mode if you win it!) or the ball diverter sets you up for an easy shot at the piano.

The Simpsons (Stern)

Shoot Itchy and Scratchy bank on the right, lock the ball behind the target to start multiball.

Junk Yard

Shoot dog shot to right, repeat until it unlocks video mode. Then shoot the dog.


Shoot corresponding earthquake institute shot to light lock, lock ball in scoop or side ramp. Repeat for second lock. Qualify jackpot via centre ramp and hit jackpot on right ramp.

Batman Forever

Shoot far right shot to star modes by entering saucer. Shoot flashing lights depending on mode. Shoot cave to light locks for multiball.

Bram Stoker Dracula

Hit the left ramp. A lot of times. Then some more. Then some more. Then some more.

PB – Stacked multiball is how you win for sure, but to clarify if you’re trying to win as safely as possible, you should not attempt any shot except for the left ramp by default. Shoot that thing all day and you can trigger enough to avoid having to actually make any other shot including the risky standup targets. Only shoot coffin, video and mode sinkhole when something relevant is lit.

So there you have it, just like that. This pinball lark is easy huh. Imagine how much you would need to know to actually work out how to play them all in the most efficient manner. Good luck all.


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