Stern of The Union Rundown – June 2019

Stern of the Union Update

As is customary with Stern, they have released their Stern of the Union, it’s a fair read, however you can check out the full stern of the union for June 2019 right here. I have summarised the key points for the U.K below.

Black Knight Sword of Rage

There was an update on the Black Knight Sword of Rage launch parties taking place throughout the U.S.A in conjunction with IFPA – as we don’t get them in the U.K. it’s nice to see them, but doesn’t really have much interest for us. It’d be great if Stern would arrange such a launch party for games here, generally they try and tie new games into shows, but that’s more from a distributor perspective. I did an introduction and thoughts on Black Knight Sword of Rage if you need more of a fix on that game.

“New” Pinball Games

There was a brief outline of the two new variants being offered by Stern, the Catwoman Signature Edition version of Batman ’66 and the coloured Premium version of the Munsters. Given that Black Knight is the new Stern right now, these seem to be demand or line balancing for manufacturing driven (I imagine it is each in that order).

Code Updates

  • Munsters code version 1.00.0 is out – however the feedback on this code is that it is somewhat underwhelming, as a 1.00.0 where most features should be in the game for it’s final revision, if this isn’t it.
  • Black Knight has 0.94 code available to download and install now, so U.K. buyers – ensure you update when your new in box games arrive.

The big news, or reconfirmation is that there is yet further code updates coming for Batman ’66. That’s right Batfans, even more code for what is a game already deeper than the Thames.

Lastly, Stern have confirmed further code works is ongoing for Ghostbusters – it remains in the schedule.

New Official Mods

There is more official mods available – The Munsters topper, which features a cuckoo clock as it’s centre piece, and a really cool Black Knight shooter rod, pictured below.

Black Knight Swords of Rage Shooter Rod

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