Stern Confirm Elvira 3 – Elvira’s House of Horrors

Elvira's House of Horrors Pinball

UPDATED 15.9.2019

Well – it doesn’t come as too much of a shock does it, one of the best games ever made in my opinion, Scared Stiff (you can read my full Scared Stiff review right here) is getting its follow up , and third in the series, Elvira’s Haunted House – courtesy of Stern Pinball.

The rumours seem to be that Dennis Nordman is on layout and design, Greg Freres will return on art and Lyman Sheats Jr. will be on code. Sounds pretty darn tasty to me.

You can see Sterns teaser video right here. Very nice.

Cabinet and Playfield Images?

Further information has come out over the past couple of days showing the cabinet art and a sneak peak of the playfield, you can see the haunted house at the back centre of the game. One image seems to be the pro version, with a plastic left return, and the premium version having a metal guide down the left. Or, of course, it could be my eyes. Obviously the higher cost unit has the speakers on display and the art blade as standard, as well as the colour armour.

The playfield on the LE images have also been leaked, which actually shows in the LE version the returns on both sides, seem to be plastic. This could have been a prototype image, but it seems to be pretty far along and probably the images used to sell to distributors.

The game seems to be a fan layout with 9 total shots, from left to right you have:

  • Left 3 bank drop targets
  • Left orbit – return through to right orbit
  • Left ramp return to left inlane
  • House shot left… potentially another loop to house shot right?
  • House shot centre
  • Right ramp return to right inlane
  • House shot right… potentially loop to left house shot
  • Right orbit – return through to left orbit
  • Right 3 bank drop targets
Elvira's House of Horrors Playfield
But… what about Jurassic Park?

I must admit, it seems very strange that with Jurassic Park literally just off the line, or so it feels to me – that Stern are already talking about Elvira 3. I am not sure if this means that the game has been made a long time and they have to get it out for licensing reasons. Or that Jurassic Park just sold like crazy and that it’s done, or that they are happy with at least 3 releases a year and this is just the right time… but Elvira 3 is here. Or will be soon.

So it’ll be out… when?

Well Stern don’t usually hang about too long when it comes to announce and ship – so that could be within the next couple of weeks, to a month. October was always talked about and set as the expected timeframe but wow.


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