Rick and Morty Pinball By spooky

Wubalubbadubdub! Spooky pinball have just dropped this video, saying, and I hope you are sitting down, there is going to be a Rick and Morty pinball.

In this short video, which I have embedded here, the duo (mainly Rick) take shots at other manufacturers and Spooky themselves, saying that this is not another “superhero, or rock band” pinball. Which is true, this could be something very different, and we LOVE that!

The features revealed on the video include:

  • “Intergalactic custom art”, which we think is standard custom art, but are yet to have this confirmed 😛
  • Custom voice from the Justin Roiland who voices both Rick and Morty
  • There will be 750 machines made in total.

What Spooky seem to have done again, as they did with Alice Cooper, is keep their licence choices to a theme that they can get full material for. Having the voice talent and co-creator in Justin involved in this game is a huge bonus, just like they managed with Alice Cooper. This seems to be Spooky’s niche and I think, just like Alice Cooper, this is going to pay dividends.

Some might say that the appeal isn’t huge of Rick and Morty, and I agree it isn’t as stellar as some other recent themes we have seen. But Rick and Morty have their place, and fans will go crazy for the fact that there is so much involvement and credible assets within it. 750 to sell out, no problem.

The video finishes with Christmas 2019 – but once is all said and done, I think it would be a bit of a stretch, even in the USA to hope to find one of these under your tree.

Still, especially as we look to 2020 here in the U.K. where we have precisely 0 chance of seeing one of these in the flesh on our soil before April, we are excited. Very excited, by this launch.

One comment

  • The artwork should be great being, the episodes have so many great concepts they can play with, it’d be hard to pick just a few. There’s also so much violence in the show which should make for some good battle modes/multiball stuff. I’ve been watching since the first few seasons and am certainly a fan. Even though they’re on their forth season I think it must be hard to build a shows audience with the old ‘Friday night channel 4: after the watershed’ slot not being as important as it once was. I saw a kids Rick and Morty backpack alongside beauty and beast/Micky mouse in a theme park over in Aus; but like South Park or Family Guy it’s really not a kids cartoon. Looking forward 🙂 want to see a playfield!

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