Pinball Question Makes It To The Chase

As if we needed any more reassurance that Pinball is back in the U.K. pop culture limelight, it was reinforced by a question appearing in today’s episode of ITV’s The Chase (Air Date 27.8.2019 – S9E76).

Unlike Bradley Walsh who is usually fast with his witty comments, he somehow managed to resist the temptation of running with something when the possible answers were revealed…

I am sure most of our readers have something witty to say about these potential options, I am sure we have all shared a “Say No More” moment in competitive play, although I have never had anyone “wink” at me over a game before, the answer was clearly Nudge. Chaser Anne Hegerty, known as the Governess soon buzzed in to confirm the answer along with contestant Joyce (good on you Joyce), proving that pinball still has tribal knowledge in the U.K. pop culture scene.

There must be some better puns than the one outlined here, let’s hear yours in the comments below.

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