The Bazaar Is Coming

It has to be said, four years ago, Pinball was just a hobby. In the time since, I have been lucky enough to meet some excellent friends, some excellent people and a hobby has truly become a passion. Through this website, streaming and spending time with friends, I try and share the love of this great hobby. Now, for what some may call mad reasons, I am excited to share the upcoming opening of The Pinball Bazaar.

New UK Pinball Supply Shop

What, and why?

The Pinball Bazaar is an upcoming web shop dedicated to the curation and supply of some of the finest pinball modifications and consumables from around the globe. Whenever I have looked into getting certain products, the real sticking point for me has been the fact they needed to be imported from another country. Whilst that is okay for some super specialist products. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get my hands on certain things, like Comet bulbs for example, Easily. So, after speaking with some people and working together with an expert support. The Pinball Bazaar has been born.

What is it going to stock?

Well, there’s so much to talk about, but there’s things not over the line. When they are, I will update this page, but as of right now we will be stocking:

  • Ball Baron Balls – the maker of the Ninja and Polaris balls.
  • Pinstadium – fully customisable LED lighting for your pinball machine.
  • Perfect Play pinball rubbers – a competition quality silicone pinball rubber available in a multitude of colours.
  • COMET Leds – the most asked for, highest rated pinball LEDs on the market.
  • Col’s Pinball Protectors and Mods – plastic protectors and games room enhancements from the nicest guy in pinball.

More, that I just cannot say quite yet, but man oh man do I want to.

When will it be ready?

You can get in touch now through this website, if you would like to register your interest in certain products listed above. In terms of a site launch, I don’t actually know. There’s a target, but I don’t want to spell that out and miss it. Development is under way, but there are some things we have to get really right. Customer experience is really important to me. So I want this to be right for you all and visiting the Bazaar to be something you enjoy doing. We love to mod our games, and searching, researching and that whole experience, I want that to feel special. To that point, it will be ready when it is ready. The developer involved is great and I am confident it will be great when it is ready.

Until then, you can sign up to our mailing list on the website.

A word of thanks

I do have to say at this stage a word of thanks, everyone who has been in touch so far, to show interest and make an order with the new project. I have already met some super interesting suppliers, partners and as a community, it is great that the demand for access to these products is there. Thank you all so much. Until next time, happy flipping.


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