IFPA 16 Winner – OSTERMEIER Named Champion

Ostermeier V Acciari - IFPA 16 World Championship

After a gruelling few days of intense pinball Johannes Ostermeier has been crowned IFPA 16 winner and world champion. The intense competition was held at Double Pinball, Assago – Italy. The final between Johannes Ostermeier (ranked 3rd in the world) and Daniele Acciari (ranked 6th in the world) was decided after a hugely controversial tie breaker. Making it 2 to 1 Osterwmeier over a best of three. Following a tie of 3-3 after the first 6 games. You can read my rundown of events below.

Early Sparring

Daniele Acciari went 2 – 0 down the Johannes Ostermeier surging into a solid lead early on. Acciari put up an impressive 42,995,300 on TWD, with Johannes stepping up just north of 10M to try and catch him. Whilst starting his Prison multiball and unlocking barn, Johannes was left with too much to do, bringing it back to 2-1.

Next up was the WPC classic Fish Tales. A game that seems to be getting more and more love from the U.K. pinball community of late. Ostermeier stepped up first to putting just 3,000,000. Acciari however, could only muster a lowly 156,000 on his first ball, barely getting a flip. A third ball target of 67.25M was set by Ostermeier, with Acciari stepping up with just shy of 30M already in the bank. He would need to double that now. After hitting multiball Daniele quickly crashed out of 3 ball play. Not hitting a jackpot after the game gave a harsh reject. However after some composure, he made it back to multiball, getting the win with 68M from his bonus. The eventual IFPA 16 winner having to settle back into a 2-2 draw over the tie.

Drama on Rocket III

Next up was the classic EM game Rocket III. As this is an EM game, all five balls are played by player one, followed by all five balls being played by player two. Acciaria was up first. Setting a target score of 2,130, with one of the balls screaming down the left outlane, after a questionable closed flipper tap.

slowly grinding away at his required score. Where Acciari seemed to have lost control in the closed flipper segments, Ostermeier had the control here. Waiting for the flippers to close, and deftly firing them into the top pop section. As he chased down the score, it seemed certain that he would surpass, taking him closer to the glory of becoming the IFPA 16 winner. Osermeier edged closer and closer to his target – seemingly within touching distance, and as he closed in. A drain. The score reel ratcheted round, displaying a total of 2,130 also. It seemed the stunned silence didn’t last long, as gasps and cheers filled the arena, Sharpe had a decision to make – and that decision was to replay the game.

To the Tie-Breaker

After some colourful language from the stream. Once again on Rocket III – Daniele posted his score of 1,180. This left Johannes the task of at least repeating his last score to take the point for the game. The eventual IFPA 16 winner did so with ease, passing the score with 2 balls remaining.

Dolly was the next game to be played – with Ostermeier the first to play… Ostermeier setting a target of 106,880 which Acciari matched taking it to a best of 3 tie-breaker.

Bally’s The Addams Family

The first game of the final 3 was a very blinged up version of The Addams Family. I know there’s a gold version, but this had gold for days. The tie started with two very low scoring balls, (just 8M to Acciari, and 2M to Ostermeier). Acciari took the best of the early running, putting up 53M on his second ball. Leaving Ostermeier to reply with a score of 13M after an incredible move to keep the ball going that somehow resulted in no dangers. However even through a multiball start, no jackpots were scored by Ostermeier. The pinball gods are fickle sometimes, and in retaliation to teh earlier move the game took its tilt. Acciari looked to press home his advantage but only managed to up his score up to 57M with a multiball tat ended with a triple drain. Ostermeier however could not match this, taking the tie-breaker to 1-0 Acciari.

Stern’s Game of Thrones

Ostermier as the loser had pick, with Game of Thrones LE from Stern being the choice. Acciari needing this to be named the IFPA 16 winner and take the glory that came with that title. Ostermeier put a great first ball score of 172M up with Acciari looking tense as he stepped up for his first ball and reply. He slowly started bringing shots in towards his blackwater multiball, claiming lock one and two before finally the third after opening up his modes. A truly solid multiball – with a 2X super jackpot of 53M and another shortly after surged his score to hit a total ball one of 692M.

With Ostermeier having it all to do, he took to the flippers heading straight into a blackwater multiball of his own, hitting super after super after super to finish his multiball down to single ball play at 561M – then draining out at 577M. The ball was literally back with Acciari – who also hit his blackwater, this being his second time – again the supers flowing up to 907M before heading into single ball play sand draining out at 914M.

Hands of the King

Johannas returned to his game – starting his hand of the king multiball, punishing Acciari with 30M shots repeatedly, in a multiball that seemed to go on and on. Taking him up to 1.25BN before heading back to single ball play and his eventual drain. If Acciari was going to take the title of IFPA 16 winner – he need only find 325 million.

Acciari also had his hand of the king lit, surely he would only need that to become the IPFA 16 winner and what better style to do it than in this multiball, it was there for the taking. A simple post pass and shot into the start and all surely that all but secured the win. So everyone thought, but this is pinball. Acciari’s multiball didn’t seem to last long at all and he drained out before hitting the required score – taking it to the very wire of a third game tie breaker. Unbelievable!

Williams’ Bram Stoker’s Dracula

With Acciari having losers choice, the game to decide the entire tournament would be… Bram Stoker’s Dracula (a game I own and a tournament classic) – would we see and hear the cult callout of Thirty Million!?

Acciari was up to the buttons first, entering through the crowd after what looked like a short comfort break. After hitting the left ramp – straight away he needed to call the tournament director for a stuck ball on a switch. After ratcheting up 11M a 19M bats followed. A few flailing misses at mist, was given short shrift as the cries of 10 Million cascaded across the packed hall. Dropping down to single ball play at just north of 200M. Unfazed a castle multiball shortly stacked with his second mist for the game to begin raining points.

Disaster in the IFPA 16 Final

After a short period of unlocking his next multiball, the ultimate callout Thirty Million filled the air. It seemed to be called again and again, until the drain that seemed it could never come, finally came. But how had it happeed? Acciari had hit a first ball score of 2.1BN… However, in replay it seemed that disaster had struck as seemingly Acciari had drained out in unusual circumstances.

To make things worse, and compound the fears Ostermeier’s ball was just a oddly plunged into the game, This /gavetournament director Josh Sharpe a decision to make. How would he proceed after a great first ball from Acciari?

That decision came after a long deliberation, in which Acciari was clearly agitated on his wait to find his fate. Conversely, Ostermier sat cooly on a stool, with such a score his target, was he hoping that Dracula was doomed game? After the game was checked it was decided best to continue with Bram Stoker’s Draclua. Acciari keeping his 2.1BN and getting to play the rest of his early ended ball. He would lose his 400M odd bats and rats bonus.

The Final Furlong

On stepping back up, Acciari only added 2M to his initial score. If he seemed agitated previously, this is how it manifested in his play. Ostermeier was finally getting the opportunity to play his first ball, but drained out quickly with a score of just 1.5M. In his stance you could see his frustration, for ball one, that wasn’t enough.

Acciari went into his 2nd ball and began locking balls into the coffin lock to begin his multiball once again. He then added mist as a stack for some 20M jackpots. Somehow moving through the game and back into the 30M jackpots, placing another 830M on his 2.1BN. This would bring his score and the target to a massive 2.9BN.

Ostermeier clearly feeling the pressure drained out for a paltry 2.1M. After a tense battle, this looked a bridge too far for Ostermeir. Acciari had 2.9BN points and Ostermeier hadn’t really had a flip on the game yet.

Acciari drained out for another 100M bringing the total target for Ostermeier to c3BN. It wasn’t a mountain to climb anymore, if Ostermeier wanted the win, he needed to build a rocket ship to make it to the moon.

The Suckerpunch

Ostermeier knew that the score required was large. However, he was probably one of only a few who thought it insurmountable. Winners will find that ability, and ability is something Ostermeier has in adundance.

With the pressure off, he began hitting multiballs. Quickly racking up points, stacking coffin and mist multiballs. This was good play, but we had seen good play throughout the tournament, something more was needed. Ostermier began working through to his castle and starting his triple stacked 30M jackpots. THIRTY MILLION.

If a game can be blown up, as we always say in pinball this was it right here. THIRTY MILLION.

If belief can be built, it was happening right then. THIRTY MILLION.

The incessant callout of triple jackpots were compounded by super’s along the way. THIRTY MILLION.

Somehow, against the odds, taking the title with an incredible single ball. Honestly, it was such an epic shootout, I didn’t eventually catch Ostermeier’s final score, but it was enough.

Team UK at IFPA 16

Out of a total of 64 competitors, the U.K. was represented by Rich Mallet and Peter Blakemore.

Peter Blakemore

Peter Blakemore, who is currently ranked 102 in the world, unfortunately didn’t make the cut to the knockout stages of the game, finishing the competition after 8 rounds of playoffs with a points total of 86 – to make the cut to the knockouts, Peter would have needed to have made at least 96 points, on the stream provided by JDL Pinball – Peter admitted it was his early scores of 7 and 9’s in the playoffs that left him with just too much to do.

Rich Mallet

Rich – currently ranked 80th in the world, on the other hand made it to the one on one playoff section of the competition, where the task to progress is a first to 4 situation. Richard was pitted against Albert Nomden (ranked 18th) and dispatched him over six games, taking wins on Fish Tales, The Walking Dead, Diner and the classic Poseiden. Rich was then up against world ranked 33 Adam Becker, unfortunately for Rich it was a whitewash of wins for Adam, taking it 4-0 on Dolly Parton, Fire! Fish Tales and Dialed In!

Once again a big shoutout has to go out to the team at JDL Pinball for a great stream and incredible dedication to the tournament, from more than just me in the U.K. I am sure, thank you for all the hard work.

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