Issues With Oktoberfest? American Pinball Release New Code.

Oktoberfest production line - American Pinball

With American Pinball’s Oktoberfest to reach the U.K. presently – early reports from operators in the U.S are that the game is currently suffering from impossible to make shots, which of course could be setup dependent – but more worryingly – that there are reset issues on the game.

I have heard about a number of operators puling American Pinball’s new Oktoberfest pinball machine off location because of major quality problems. The game is prone to crashing and the ramp shot is very difficult to make. That’s sad because its starting to be pulled off of the floor by operators before I’ve even had a chance to try it.

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Potentially in response to these known issues, American pinball have been quick to reply – with a code update to 19.6.5 – which soon to be U.K. owners can download from American Pinball right now.

The update seems to include a lot of rule fixes, which is good as it will be a more solid code version of the rules when the game arrives in the UK. There is also a key flipper strength update which increases and decreases the power of the right flipper depending on whether the corkscrew ramp is up or down. The release notes ask that users ensure they change the coil strength manually to support this change.

Within the release notes there is also a nod to a solved problem around resetting issues, mainly around service menus and makes no mention of this occurring in general play and usage.

Whilst some may worry that this is a dealbreaker, I think for operators to be pulling games is slightly extreme. How many times in the pinball community have we heard stories of games being released with incomplete and early code issues, at least in this instances it seems American Pinball have taken necessary steps to resolve this issue, and rather quickly which is good to see. Should further testing be needed, American Pinball will hopefully have ironed out any required works – ready for the U.K. arrival of Oktoberfest.

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