How To Play Well (ish) at the UK Pinfest 2019 Tournament

Well another big tournament is upon us, so here we have it again – don’t know how to play these games, don’t worry – The UK Pinball Club managed to get top insider information for some of the best in the business. Thanks to Paul Garner for his incredible amount of work to help out with this post. Wayne Johns also dropped a quick hint in and Neil McRae added his last word if all else fails. Sit tight people, this is golden.

David Brent Pinball Guru


*Not sure if some of these tips are out of date since code changes*

At game start, select Walk This Way for super ramps as first mode.

Skillshot: If lock has been lit, then try short plunging for lock. Otherwise a slow plunge may light the L orbit (like Stern KISS)

Shoot toybox to light locks, and saucer near elevator to lock balls. 

Multiball can be started with up to 6 balls, so risk/reward for taking more locks (which awards more points) and you can relight/relock balls for 2x and 3x.

Elevator multiball is lit by completing both orbits, then locking balls into elevator. Which is nice.

After mode complete, shoot into left scoop to change song.

Iron Maiden

Skillshot short plunge to middle playfield target for added ball saver time and points.

Sweep upper bank of drop targets to light locks, once lit, locks are to left inner orbit or far right shot.

Light modes by shooting white lights, the centre shot is the safest by far.

Hit Mummy captive ball to light mummy multiball and start a two ball multiball, jackpots are lit by switch hits and then hitting the captive ball once more.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

On first ball, time your full plunge as KISS is cycling for a chance to fully light KISS and collect first letter in FILM

Collect other letters in FILM as described on playfield – top inlanes, centre targets/scoop and right saucer

Once FILM is collected then lock a ball at either flashing shot to start a MB

In multiball try to build up multiplier by shooting whirlpool, and find creature at one of the three lit shots

A popular strategy is to focus on ‘Move your car’ by shooting centre shot to top inlanes repeatedly

High Speed 2

I got nuthin’

World Poker Tour

Skill plunge advance hand for good points

Ace in Hole Mulitball is started by shooting bars at top playfield to open, then lock, then release ball

Normal Multiball started by shooting standup lower left, then locking balls

Mode lit by completing a poker hand (from shooting ramps) then shooting the scoop top right

For skill shot, decent points (1M) – hold right flipper, then shoot top left of upper playfield, this is at the cost of your Ace in the Hole hits though.


Try to avoid starting NYC as first city mode. Most other modes are worth playing

Hit shovel target thing to work through days and enable locks on upper left.

Modes started at right scoop, after collecting miles from ramps/orbits.

Total Nuclear Annihilation

Shoot the stand up targets until grid is lit, then shoot ‘Start Reactor’ at scoop.

When ‘Reactor Online’, shoot into the top playfield and bounce around until reactor at 99%

For the final stage (‘Reactor critical’) shoot the lit shot/s in the lower playfield

Multiball is all on the inline drops. Lock balls in there, then shoot again to start. Remember though, your locks can be stolen should you make it to the knockout stages.

In multiall, shoot back at the inline drops for Jackpot, then double Jackpot, then SUUUUPPPPERRR JACKPOT. You can also continue progress on reactors whilst in multiball.

Spell SAVE on flipper inlanes to light a ball save on the outlanes. 

Active save is indicated by rapidly flashing A or V.

F14 Tomcat

Kickback on left lit with centre death targets, I would probably leave them alone.

Hold left flipper on plunge to try and keep ball at top playfield.

Shoot targets to light locks on right ‘orbit’. Start multiball with same shot. Collect jackpots at same shot.

Right orbit shot also lights letters in lock, so basically, shoot that all day. A lot. You’ve heard of BoP right?

Don’t shoot the rapid kickback on the left thinking it’s the orbit. Orbit is shooting up to the upper left flipper.


Dealers hand is randomised value. Players hand is increased from top inlanes and various targets.

Dealers hand is re-randomised by shot to left spinner (so shoot that if dealer has 21).

Centre targets increase players hand (red) or dealers hand (white).

After 21 a shot to a target will wrap the value (for dealer or player) back to 17.

When players hand beats dealers hand, shoot for saucer on right loop to increase bonus x.

After winning 5x multiplier the next award is extra ball (or 50k in tournament mode). Huge!

If your hand draws (or loses) the saucer awards 5k and both hands continue.

Bonus can be significant. Strategy is to go for 5x and beyond.


This is from Neil McRae – as we had nothing to say on this really. “Don’t lose the ball”

Thanks Neil.

How to be a champion pinball player at UK Pinfest 2019

So there you have it – go get ’em champ. When you win after reading this, don’t forget to drop me a note as well as send a pint to the man with the info, Paul.

Good luck all!

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