JJP Dropped The Guns ‘N’ Roses Pinball – And Everyone rightly Lost Their Sh*T

Well, here it is, the much teased, much debated, much wanted #JJP6 (that’s Jersey Jack game number 6… of course. Keep up!). The all new Guns N Roses Pinball machine is here. Now for anyone remotely interested in pinball, a machine launch isn’t something too hard to come by. Let’s be honest, in the last year we have had, and let me do this off the top of my head. So excuse any errors. Avengers, Hot Wheels, Heavy Metal (‘member, ‘member heavy metal?!?), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and… did deeproot do something? Honestly, can’t remember. Pinball launches can feel like a rollercoaster, the hype train builds, the game is announced and generally you can feel a bit.. hmm after. When it was announced you can buy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Machine my childhood memories exploded. I have to say, I was excited.

However, Avengers, came, and went, and to be honest, kinda left me cold. I await the chance to get my hands on it. Elwin is a master in my opinion and I love him (I have a Jurassic Park in the house, and am searching high and low to get an Iron Maiden Premium too. having had the pro). I don’t know what it was, it just didn’t sit with me very well. I wasn’t super excited. Excited, but not super excited. Then JJP dropped Guns N Roses – and hot damn, I gotta say, I was in (mentally).

Guns N Roses Pinball

Why Is The Guns ‘N’ Roses Pinball Hype Train Different?

In the UK, Guns ‘N’ Roses CE (that’s collectors edition) sold out in 4 hours. 4 Hours! This isn’t because they were cheap, they aren’t. It was because of two simple reasons. Firstly, rarity. Fear of missing out in pinball is real. No one wants to miss out on that fully loaded game. When there’s only 500, why would you?!? However, that FOMO needs a driver. What makes that FOMO breed? Simply, it’s reason number 2. The game has everything you would want in it. It seems like having Slash on board to get this game right, has worked. This game looks right. There is access to literally everything… Marshall, Fender, Gibson are all present, each band member seemingly recorded 700 lines of callouts, there is the full live tour video. There were no compromises in assets, they just said what they wanted, and somehow, they got it.

This makes Guns ‘N’ Roses a different animal. Something we won’t see again I don’t think (although did American Pinball do that with Hot Wheels, maybe so…)

The Promo Video Doesn’t Follow The Beaten Path

Another reason that this hype train is different, is the fact that JJP actually made a decent video for the machine. In the 90’s, it was custom to make a cringe inspired game promos. Then, Stern have been pumping out the same promo video for a while now. Sneaky shots of the playfield, oooh, man between the flippers, who could it be. Launch on Twitch with Jack Danger. Cheeky chappy that he is (and does a great job). This feels different. Polished. Complete. All the things we want from a great pinball machine. Whilst everything about JJP feels more premium than a Stern for this (bigger screen, all the assets, better sound system), the price isn’t reflecting that. That’s big.

Allright Suck Up – Are You Buying One?

To be honest, I always said there was one game I would buy NIB. That would be The Legend of Zelda if they ever released it. Rick and Morty came and went, I was tempted, but GNR, I am seriously tempted. You can buy a Guns N Roses Pinball Machine for £9,495, or £6,995 for the Standard. That’s £300 more than a Stern Pro! My issue, is, as always, there is too much difference between the Standard and LE for me…

Standard To LE – What’s The Difference I Care About?

For me it is all about that upper playfield and ball lock. I don’t care about cabinet art (both are great). I don’t care too much about the light show (the standard is gorgeous). You just have to be in on that LE for the full experience. I mean…. wow! For me that is the biting point. I get that there has to be differences, of course. However, they are just too big for me to be without and I can’t afford a darn LE. Or can I… ahhh!

Guns N Roses Pinball FAQ

Is There More Than One Guns N Roses Pinball Machine?

Yes. Previously a widebody game was made by a company called Data East. So with the JJP release of Guns and Roses, there are now two versions of the game, or four variants, with the different editions JJP are offering.

Where Can I Buy A Guns N Roses Pinball Machine?

You can buy a Guns N Roses Pinball Machine in the UK from Pinball Heaven, the only Official UK Distributor of their games.

How Much Is A Guns N Roses Pinball Machine?

The Standard Edition is £6,995 and the Limited Edition is £9,995 – the Collectors Edition has sold out, but was £12,495.

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