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Pinburgh is big. American big. If you don’t know much about it – there are 1,000 players and the worlds finest meet to duke it out to be crowned winner of the worlds largest pinball competition. This really is the big one. With so many quality players – we have sent our… well we sent those that were free and could afford it.


You can see each individual player that is over there currently by following their links below:

Neil Mcrae​
Simon Harper​
Andrew Foster​
Craig Pullen​
David Mainwaring​
Kirk Sadler​
Dan Lewell​
Ian Walmsley​
Paul Garner​
David Dutton​
Max Harper​

Alternatively – you can check out this great little link and scroll down to the Brit Invasion part of the pinburgh scoring.

The early running has Andy Foster doing a superb job – with 27 wins and just 9 losses. Winner of the 2019 UK Open Classics and 2019 UK Pinball Open runner up Craig Pullen is right up there too, with 20 wins and 16 losses, joined by Ian Walmsley and Neil McRae.

A shout out to Kirk who is hitting an impressive 50-50 ratio currently – and Dan Lewell, doing well by not only notching up a few wins, edging in on that 50-50 ratio too. Kudos!

Good luck gentlemen, we are all cheering you on from the comfort of the changeable British weather. We will put the kettle on for you now!

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