Deeproot Pinball “Do not intend to sell internationally at this time”

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This page was updated 24th June 2019 – with information from This Week In Pinball – in direct contact with deeproot off the back of this post.

Previously I published an article about deeproot pinball – asking what exactly it was all about. At the time, there was no news about what their plans were, when shortly after, they broke the news that Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland – the first game from deeproot pinball would be delayed. I was fascinated by deeproot pinball, as I know many are so took the time to reach out to them, to see if they would take the time to respond. Given the generally secretive nature of deeproot pinball, I wasn’t expecting a reply, however today I got one.

Initial Contact

My initial contact to deeproot was may 30th – at time of publishing a whole 20 days ago. Where I outright asked

Obviously there are questions about whether or not the U.K market will be in a position to receive games, once the five days of deeproot culminates in the launch event (post the two week order time). Does anyone have any comment on considerations for the U.K. market?

Response from deeproot pinball

The reply from someone at deeproot who signs off C/S-d-T (Customer Service – deeproot Technical – at a guess) was as follows:


Thank you for reaching out. We do not intend to sell internationally at this time.  If this changes we will make a public announcement.

Thank you.

Response from deeproot pinball

At this time

I could speculate that at this time means simply that. deeproot are so focused on getting the game together, it’s just not a priority. Once the game is ready to go they can turn their attentions to distributors (something deeproot historically has said they weren’t looking at) or other means of getting their product out to the international market. Of course, the most logical way to read that response is that, actually, deeproot just aren’t focusing on anything but the US market for launch, meaning that other countries will have to forego major amounts of titles hitting Europe and the U.K.

Obviously this is a major blow for anyone outside of the USA looking forward to getting their hands on a Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland, or any of the launch titles on offer. Of course, there will be ways and means of getting the title elsewhere, but that could mean a lot of jiggery pokery (yeah I like that phrase too) in moving product, warranty implications, exchange rate headaches and other issues I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Is it worth it?

The proof is always in the pudding, and so far – deeproot hasn’t stumped up for desert. I do, personally – cling to the hope that they are going to produce some incredible games at highly competitive pricing. Meaning that it just might be worth the hassle to get your hands on a RAZA. Right now however, there is no way of knowing if the juice is going to be worth the squeeze.

Update from deeproot pinball via This Week In Pinball (TWIP)

This information was taken from TWIP website after they got in touch with deeproot pinball.

TWIP reached out to deeproot for clarification – they do plan to offer machines globally after they launch.

This Week In Pinball – June 24th 2019

I got in touch with TWIP to ask if there was any more detail, but unfortunately it was, as expected with deeproot, very top level, with no further information. I guess it was always on the cards and to acknowledge that one day deeproot will go live with a worldwide release is fair – but the questions posed above are still valid. You can view the update directly from TWIP here.

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