Alternate Bram Stoker Dracula Decals

Alternate Cabinet Decals

Whilst doing my usual eBay search for Pinball I came across these incredible Bram Stoker Dracula alternate decals. Whilst changing decals is a huge job, for these it may just well be worth it, especially considering how often the decals on BSD can fade.

The decals are printed on 3M IJ35 control tac adhesive vinyl, which means absolutely nothing to me, but sounds impressive doesn’t it. To get these to the U.K. will cost you £211.05 for the decals at todays exchange rate and postage of £27.87 – a total of £238.92. You can review these decals for Bram Stoker’s Dracula right here, to see if you think they are worth that level of investment.

As an investment and art package, do you think these are worth it?

Bram Stoker Alternate Decals


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