Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Live Stream – UK Pinfest 2019

Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle

UK Pinfest 2019 is fast approaching and one of the biggest games to be there this year is Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle from Spooky Pinball. If you have your Friday night VIP tickets, not only will you get to play the incredible looking follow up to Total Nuclear Annihilation on a live Twitch stream. You will also get the chance to win a “goody bag” supplied directly to you from Spooky pinball. Want to find out more? All of the details are right here.

UK Pinfest 2019 = 23rd, 24th and 25th August

My excitement for Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle has been quite clear, ever since I wrote that Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle was to arrive in the UK soon. Being the follow up game to TNA, there is a huge amount of excitement from me. What’s more, it fits right into that category of great looking code, tonnes of shots and that horror theme with gorgeous art. I am sold.

So in that spirit, I am so very excited to announce that I will be hosting a live stream from UK Pinfest on Friday 23rd August. You can check out The UK Pinball Club on Twitch here. Please take the time to follow the channel there – so you can see when our streams go live. You can also check out Spooky Pinball and Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle on their website.

Oh no – Pinfest, I haven’t got tickets yet!

Don’t worry – you can still buy tickets, (including a few VIP ones too) for UK Pinfest 2019 – you will need a VIP ticket, which allows access to the Friday night VIP event, which the stream and competition will be held on. If you just want to come for the weekend, or a single day, tickets are available on the website, or you can pay on the door. Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle will be available to play all weekend.

Are hotel rooms available?

The event has sold very well and the Pinfest allocation of rooms has currently sold out, however, some lucky pinball peeps have snagged other cancellations, contact the venue directly to find out what is available.

How does the competition work?

Straight up, high score. At the end of each game – I will see if that takes a high score place and at the end of the night will win the “goody bag”

How long does the competition and stream run for?

We will be streaming the full time of the VIP event, with a break for Domino Arcade’s Friday Night Stall Ball Event – where we will host that channel for the duration of the competition. The Friday night event runs from 19:00 – 23:00.

I want to enter the competition, but not be on the stream, is that ok?

Sorry, the stream is set up on the game for the duration of the evening. This means to enter the event, you will have to be on the stream, and accept that you will be streamed on Twitch.

What’s in the Goody Bag?

Details on the goody bag are a closely guarded secret at this stage, but are being very generously sent to the winner of the competition for Friday night. We can all be 100% sure, it will be full of goodies.

Will there be any more streaming live from UK Pinfest 2019?

Yes, you can count on that.

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