Streams Return To New Thursday Nights

So you know whats sucked, well. To be honest. Lockdown has sucked. Pretty badly. During that time me and Billy haven’t really found time to stream, since he has a seperate household and just due to the restrictions. Well, things have moved on and whilst the UK continues to be the subject of lockdown intensifications. Streams are now back for Thursday nights, with Billy and me streaming your favourite (well mainly what we have) games. Direct to the comfort of you eyeballs and earholes. Nice. You can follow us on Twitch – to get a small proportion of your pinball streaming needs.

UKPinball Club Streams

What’s Changed?

Well, not a lot really. There has been some investment into kit. There is now an Elgato CamLink which we run the playfield off of. That has taken out the issues we had previously with some lag coming onto the stream. Plus there is a proper rig now. That reduces the setup time of streams and in fact, last stream we managed to move between games where we had an issue on Deadpool. This allows us some more freedom and means getting a regular event out, plus extra streams easier.

Are you just streaming pinball?

Nope. Not just pinball. James is going to be streaming some retro gaming (think SNES and Megadrive) on weeknights now too. Plus there is plans for the group to get together for some HeroQuest and beers. Unfortunately lockdown has put this all on hold for the forseeable.

Once a week is just not enough pinball. Where can I get my fix?

There are three other streamers out there from the UK I can reccomend and many others beyond that. My personal picks of who I am loving at the moment are (and if I missed you, I am sorry!)

  • Neil McRae – Neil has one of the nicest collections of modern pinballs in the UK and generally streams on a Friday night UK time. Definately worth a follow. Even if he does drink Carslberg, when he drinks.
  • Pinball Live – Tim is the main man when it comes to WPC games. His streams are always extremely well produced with silly high #productionvalues. Add in some food and beer chat to boot, what’s not to love.
  • L33tSandman – Dave is nuts. Has an amazing collection of JJP games and some Stern games too. He is a character that draws you in as much as the flashing lights. A go to when live.
  • LooseFlip – The German contingent in the group. The tash that defines pinball streaming. A bi-lingual stream that some may find daunting, but the guys put on a show and the variety is huge. Tune in.
  • WhatTheFlip – The first of our pin couples, What The Flip is a solid stream, speckled with musical highlights. What’s that? You can trade in your chat points for a Kareoke session. Oh go on then.
  • Fliptronic – The second of our pin couples. Currently heavily into American Pinballs Hot Wheels, but with an ever changing and ever growing collection. Another top pick of mine.

Please share the love and check out these awesome streamers. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday nights. Drop in, say hi and let’s share a beer!

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