UK Pinfest – 23rd – 25th August

UK Pinfest – The UK’s ONLY Dedicated Pinball Show

Where to begin? Simply, in my mind, this show is the business. The events organisers bring in around 100 machines, all set to Free Play for your enjoyment. Hosted at the Mercure Hotel in Daventry the show runs (with VIP tickets) from Friday night until Sunday.


As above there are over 100 machines available to play, so you are guaranteed to find something from an era that you will like, the show boasts games from early EM’s through to modern greats such as lasts years major game to impress me, the then latest release from Stern – Iron Maiden (will Black Knight Sword of Rage make an appearance this year?) – if you cannot find something you like, well, are you even into Pinball? Whilst the line-up can obviously change at the last minute, games currently on the list feature the ill fated Alien from Heighway pinball, the widely acclaimed great Addams Family and my very own Travel Time (yeah…. sorry about that!) There is literally something for everyone.


The VIP nights are legendary, limited to 150 tickets, the VIP sessions are incredible, good conversation (believe it or not, it can move on from pinball!), drink available from the bar and Free Play pinball, what’s not to love. I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a VIP ticket, it is 100% worth it. – Head on Over Now to Book Your Tickets


Of course with this many games and this many players a competitive tournament is always afoot, so if you fancy yourself a pinball wizard, make sure you get yourself involved.

Personal Memories

I had such a great time at Pinfest 2018 with some good highlights, so sorry, I cannot pin it down to just one. My top three have to be Neil McRae putting on an excellent Stall Ball competition on the Friday Night on a beautiful The Shadow machine, drinking a little too much on the very same night, where we had were pumping money into the only machine available which required money (it was for charity and a Medieval Madness no less) and the excitement of a first major competition going on… magic.

Have any great memories of Pinfest? Feel free to share below and don’t forget to get your tickets for UK Pinfest today.

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