The Big Lebowski – UK Pinfest Q&A and Live Stream

The Big Lebowski Pinball, it’s history has been somewhat tumultuous with machine pre-orders and early achievers machines not making it out to customers. Yet Dutch Pinball has reiterated their commitment to getting games out to Early Achievers. With new facility and images are emerging of games in production, Dutch Pinball will be making it to UK Pinfest this year, with a Q&A session and a game to boot.

Big Lewbowski UK Pinfest

This isn’t the first example of customers not receiving games, after all, it is exactly what deeproot are trying to rectify withm offers on Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland, as well as others, and that game is still yet to surface. Whilst many will be reeling from invested money in games, where Zidware failed to produce games, it seemed that Dutch Pinball were fated to the same outcome as the UK’s own Heighway Pinball. Some made it out, but ultimately not enough, or in a cost efficient enough manner, to make the run complete.

Dutch Pinball however are back, with a promise to fulfil those that need to be, and excuse the very pinball focused terminology, made whole again. This model relies on resales of games and that’s what Dutch Pinball are looking to achieve. There’s a new facility and images are surfacing already of the game in production.

Big Lebowski Aprons

Now Dutch Pinball have committed to a live Q&A session that will be live streamed from the UK’s ONLY DEDICATED PINBALL SHOW – UK Pinfest 2020. There is confirmation that the Q&A will be live streamed from the show on Saturday 29th August 2020, along with The UK Pinball Club streaming the game directly from our twitch channel at various points throughout the event. Whilst many may have reservations about the way Dutch Pinball have got to this point, this Q&A, demonstration of new machine and willingness to meet and greet the community once more, shows that there’s life in the dude still.

The Big Lebowski Playfield on Rotisserie

UK Pinfest is the UK’s ONLY dedicated pinball event with approximately 100 machines all set to FREE PLAY. Play machines from the 60’s to the very latest releases. Held at The Mercure Hotel Daventry, the event will run from Friday 28th of August to Sunday 30th August 2020, tickets can be purchased from the official UK Pinfest website, with VIP tickets limited and selling fast.


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