Monday Night FLip Christmas Special – December 23rd

We are back and this time, it’s alcohol fuelled. Oh no wait, it always has been.

Well, anyway, we are delighted to announce that the much talked about, (only by Billy and James of course) TheUKPinballClub Christmas Special is going to be jammed packed with festive celebrations and our very own, Flippin’ Huge Quiz of the Year. You can join us on 23rd December from 19:30 on – follow now to avoid missing out.

We will be releasing more details as the event draws closer, and to be honest, once those special guests have got in what we have asked for. Oh yes, you heard it here first… Special Guests!!!

So bring your Port, settle in and join us for an evening of:

  • Port
  • Cheese
  • Pinball
  • Quizzing
  • Fireside Brandy Swirling
  • Port
  • Special Guests

We really hope we can make something special, but let’s be honest, we will probably end up getting rather drunk and messing it all up. Great entertainment.

UK Pinball Club

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