UK Pinfest Competition 2019 – 24th – 25th August

My how the time flies – it seems just a few weeks ago the first post on UK Pinfest 2019 was posted here, looking far into the future of the when the UK’s biggest pinball meet would be. Well, the August bank holiday weekend of pinball fun is almost upon us and that means details of the upcoming competition are starting to be released. It’s a new format – so here is what we know.

UK Pinfest - 2019
Unlimited Ticket Entry Format

Probably the most striking thing about the competition is that it’s going to be an unlimited ticket entry format. The closest competition I have ever been to, is the classics section of the recent 2019 UK Pinball Open. The big difference here is that you play just three games, single player, of a choice of 10. The scores on those games make up your entry ticket. Each score for each game is ranked against all entries on that game, to give points, I imagine each top score is 100 points and it cascades down from there. That ticket is then ranked against all other entries who will progress to a final on the Sunday.

Let’s say you played three games. Game A, B and C. If you smash game A and B and finish third in game C for that ticket. You would get 100 points for game A. 100 points for game B, then 90 points for game C. Your total TICKET, would be worth 290 points. Not bad going. You can only use your scores on that ticket, so if you have one great game, one good game and a stinker, then it won’t be as good as three good games. In this format, it really is consistency that is the key.

It has been suggested that the software in use will be NeverDrains again, that is cracking software. Plus a screen will display current standings which is always GREAT FUN!

Entry Pricing

The entry pricing is set at £10 for the first ticket, then addition tickets at £5. That would normally mean that three entries would cost £20, but the organisers are offering a special 4 entries for £20. That to me is where the real value is.

If there is entry, you better believe there will be prizes. The prize break down is as follows.

1st – 35%
2nd – 20%
3rd – 15%
4th – 10%
5th – 5%
6th – 5%
7th – 5%
8th – 5%

So if 50 people enter at £20 for four entries, first place would walk away with £350 – with 8th making it out with a cool £50. I note and am impressed to see that 100% of entry money is being put back into prize money. That is a nice touch.

The Game List

The full game list is yet to be released, but there is information on what era those yet to be named games are from. So far we know the following.

  1. Aerosmith (Stern, 2017)
  2. Iron Maiden (Stern, 2018)
  3. TBA LCD Game
  4. High Speed 2 (Williams, 1992)
  5. World Poker Tour (Stern, 2006)
  6. Roadshow (Williams, 1994)
  7. Total Nuclear Annihilation (Spooky, 2017)
  8. F14 (Williams, 1987)
  9. Blackjack (Bally, 1978)
  10. Circus (TBA which one)
My Thoughts

I am always torn with this style of tournament. Ultimately, I want to play against people in a tournament. Personally, my favourite style of play is the four player format. In saying this. It is tough to get through four player games and would take a huge amount of effort to organise such a huge field effectively, with that style. I have never run a major tournament, so really, this is just from a player perspective. Also, it’s just my opinion.

Will I be entering? HELL YES! This is a great show, everyone involved will be putting in tonnes of effort I have no doubt, and I wish it all the very best success as a tournament. Who doesn’t love a good tournament. Add in the entry waggle dance against a backdrop of the best pinball show in the U.K. (in my opinion…) and we are on to a winner.

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