7 7 SUMMER BLAST – 7th july

Fife Street Sports and Social Club Pinball Lineup 1

Hosted at the Fife Street Sports and Social Club – 64 Fife Stree, Nuneaton –  CV11 5PW – this IFPA registered event will begin with practice at 10:00, with the bar opening at 11:00. Qualifying will be between 12 and 4, before the final between the top 4 begins at 4 (there is a lot of the same numbers in this tournament I am sure you will agree).

The setup works in a different way to some other tournaments, with your highest score on 6 out of 8 of the designated tournament games, being used as a ranking to get you through to the last four. The games will all be set on 50p play – so if you put a score on all 8 – you could potentially get to the finals on just £4… The prize pot set by the venue will be £5 per competitor, split 70% to the winner and 30% to the runner up, so it’s good manners to at least put £5 into the machines for qualifying really… Of course all the games will be on coin-op in the club too, so there is plenty of pinball to be played. The finals will be freeplay provided by the venue.

My View

I personally am not a huge fan of high score qualification pinball competitions, pinball is a social event and should be played that way, however, I do understand that in certain situations needs must. Personally, I prefer being in a heat with three other players, if for nothing else than to learn the games and watch some other top top players play the game. The great thing about this venue is that it is fully licensed and there are many many more games available – whether for the competition or just the social aspect – it is one to pop along to if you can.

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