The UK Pinball Club – What’s it all about?

Well, firstly, and obviously, this is all about UK Pinball.

Pinball in the United Kingdon is forever (re)growing and is an excellent scene to be a part of. There are some incredible people doing some great work out there to keep the hobby going. To keep pinball machines going and organising some incredible events. This site is my view of the UK pinball scene, a site where I welcome your comments also.

This is of course a hobby site, during my day job, I run Akcela – a management consultancy company, based in Norfolk.

The site will be focused on information relating to:

  • News – Not dedicated to UK Pinball only – but of always relevant to it
  • Sited Pinball – Pinball Machines on sites being run by operators, generally 1 – 2 pins
  • Pinball Sites – A little different, these are dedicated pinball sites, 2+ pins
  • Competitions – Competitions going on in the UK and results
  • Events – UK based pinball events
  • Shop Logs and Repairs
James Adams
Me with Martin Ayub of Pinball News

Of course, this is an ever evolving piece, so stay in contact, I look forward to your views and comments too. Think the site is missing a trick? Get in touch today and let me know about it.

Thank you for dropping in and catching up with The UK Pinball Club, I hope you like what you’ve found. Don’t forget you can check out our list of resources dedicated to UK pinball, just below. I welcome anyone who wants to support keeping the website updated with news and interest pieces.



Of course there are some other great resources out there on the internet for U.K pinball, if you have liked what this site is about, take the time to check out the following too.


pinballinfo another great UK Pinball Website

THE pinball forum for the U.K. – hands down, no questions, simple as that. A good bunch of people from within the community and of course some colourful characters, want to know which one is which? Only one way to find out, you can sign up to pinballinfo right here

Twitch – Domino Arcade

Domino Arcade - A UK Pinball Streamer

Domino Arcade is a UK Pinball Streamer on Twitch showcasing an incredible selection of superbly maintained games alongside questionable pinball ability. Streams are informative on game rules and host Neil is very knowledgable on the world pinball scene, you can find Domino Arcade’s home on Twitch here.

Twitch – Pinball Live

Pinball Live - A UK Pinball Streamer

Hosted by Tim, Pinball Live showcases another excellent UK Twitch Pinball player, with the rarely imitated and patent pending* Walnut Bobcam. Great rule breakdown, a smattering of audio appreciation and the occasional discussion on why incandescent lights are better than LED’s (we can’t have it all hey) – you can check Pinball Live out on Twitch right here

*Patent is in no way pending